Schon Horology

It has been exciting to watch Ian Schon's progress on his Instagram feed over the last several years but the day has finally arrived and he has officially launched his brand Schon Horology.

Ian started out in industrial manufacturing with an affinity for high quality products. His pen company Schon DSGN has been successfully manufacturing pens in the United States for several years. I have been using a stainless steel Schon DSGN pen for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love it.

The introductory watch model, The Dot, is a reasonable 38mm which fits comfortably on my small 6" wrist but is large enough not to look out of place on ordinary 7-8" wrists as well. The Dot will be available in a limited run of 100 watches each with a NOS Doxa Swiss made movement. The movements are completely refurbished and installed in the cases which are manufactured in the United States.

The Dial, Hands, and case are all hand finished in Ian's studio and are made to order so some customization is available.

The price is more than what you would pay for a mass produced manual wind watch but that is to be expected when you get hand finishing and the level of attention offered by Schon Horology.

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Greenhorn Northwest

As their namesake suggests, the founders came into this industry with very little watch-manufacturing knowledge. Chris Boudreaux in charge of branding, sales, and marketing, owns the Athletes Lounge, a store in Portland, Oregon, and has a history of professional multi-sport racing and organizing events like the Portland Triathlon. Danny Recordon is the head of production and design with assistance from designer Dan Nicholson.

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G-S Supplies Inc.

G-S Supplies, based in Rochester, New York, has been serving watchmakers for 100 years. If you’re a watchmaker, you’ve probably bought their crystals, tools, or adhesives at some point in your career. Perhaps you did not know they offer much more, such as custom manufacturing services—coating, etching, and printing services, as well as custom-made crystals.

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Ed Beacham of Beacham's Clock Company

Ed Beacham is a 68 year-old clockmaker who has been making clocks for 50 years. The majority of his 885 clocks were made by hand in Sisters, Oregon, where he works in his 1,280-square-foot wood shop and his 2,180-square-foot machine shop that will boast a 1,590-square-foot addition this spring. His legacy in American clockmaking circles is apparent when his name is mentioned at any NAWCC gathering west of the Mississippi. He has won numerous craft completion accolades and the prestigious Dana J. Blackwell Clock Award in 2003, joining the likes of Foster Campos and Lee Davis. Beacham was honored to be the keynote speaker for the 2012 NAWCC National Convention in Pasadena, California.

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