American Timepiece Austin

Holiday Inn Austin Midtown - October 12-13, 2018

Join us in Austin, Texas for the inaugural American Timepiece Horological Fair when we bring Horological Brands to America for you to experience. 

  • Learn about the brands
  • Explore their products
  • Meet the people behind the brands

Timepieces & Accessories

Dufrane_Barton Springs.jpg

Born from the passion of a serious watch collector in Austin, DuFrane Watches launched in 2016. The watch designs are sophisticated with a certain finesse that adds character and charm. Each of their watches are inspired by local spots in Austin, like the Barton Springs swimming pool and Bergstrom airport.

Customize your Swiss watch with luxury leather and rubber straps made to fit your timepiece.


Tockr's motto "born in Austin and Made in Switzerland" pretty much sums it up. Austin based Tockr watches are designed in Austin with inspiration from aviation and manufactured in Switzerland. They have been around for about a year and it looks like they are here to stay. Come see them at American Timepiece Austin.


Schon Horology

Featuring cases, dials, and hands made in the United States and Swiss movements, for Schon Horology the watch is about the process as much as anything.


Visitor Watch Co.

Visitor Watch Co offers unexpected designs with unexpected details at an unexpected value. Visitor watches all have unique designs.


Ocean Crawler

Ocean Crawler is an American watchmaking company based in Rochester, New York, which specializes in self-winding and automatic mechanical watches. The designs have aesthetics that express nostalgic sophistication, but are built for contemporary adventurists with an active lifestyle.


Vortic Watch Co.

Colorado Based Vortic Watch Co. uses 3D printing technology as well as traditional machining to make cases to house vintage American pocket watch movements.


Schmutz Watches

Schmutz watches are about the art. Featuring original works of art and limited edition prints from a wide array of artists working in distinct mediums each watch lets you turn your wrist into a gallery. 


Origin Watch Co.

Origin Watch Co. is inspired by the traditional craftsmanship and the rich history of mechanical watchmaking.  They design and build vintage-inspired timepieces, with classic and modern styling.



Based in Detroit, MI, Petlton watches use Swiss movements housed inside of American made cases and metal bracelets. Check out the videos of their manufacturing process on their website.


Tools and Other Horological Items